When Nikki first started AcroYoga Quad Cities she didn’t have a brand she loved and “felt like the organization wasn't real yet and was embarrassed to share her links with potential partners.”

As AcroYoga Quad Cities was quickly growing in the local community, Nikki knew she needed to make an investment in creating a strong brand for her organization. Enter our partnership.

After she reached out to me, we walked through my Brand Identity process that includes some “homework” with a questionnaire and some “pinning” of inspiration. As soon as I saw her Pinterest board, I LOVED her vision. The branding came to life in my head immediately and I quickly got to designing. Below was the winning concept for AcroYogaQC.

Nikki now says she has “so much excitement to build and share my brand. I know I have a design that is going to last me a long time because it's versatile, set up to industry best practices, and connected to my vision.”

Nikki’s favorite part of the end product was the branding guide and different logo formats she now has. “I love having so many options so that I can keep things fresh and tailor them to specific needs, yet keep everything consistent.”


“Working with Heather was effortless and the end product was even better than I had imagined it could be.”

Nikki also needed business cards for her business, so I knew we need to use a Raised UV technique to make her gradient pop - and I love the finished product!