Kennedy Chiropractic

I'm excited to share the new website for Kennedy Chiropractic on the blog today. Kennedy Chiropractic is located in Moline, Illinois and has been open since 1980 and has become a well known chiropractic clinic in the Quad Cities. 

Kennedy Chiropractic had an existing website that had almost too many features and too much information that they felt overwhelmed when it came to updating the site. We streamlined the content and overall design of the site to make it easy for current and potential patients to find the information they needed. 

A few features include:

  • Online appointment request - Shortly after the launch Kennedy Chiropractic received their first new client from the online request!
  • Quick mobile access to address, hours and phone number
  • Calendar & Events for special hours and offerings
  • Testimonials


We love our new website. It looks amazing. It’s pretty easy for us to navigate, which is important. Thank you for setting everything up and helping us along the way with the website and other “tech” questions. We are proud to direct people to the website!
— Kennedy Chiropractic