Pfitz's Fence & Deck

As many small businesses can relate, Pfitz's Fence and Deck's first priority was to get the business off the ground and get clients! They knew in the back of their heads they truly needed an online presence but they did not have the time, nor were the experts, to make that happen.

Why Hire Heather White Design?

Heather White Design takes the stress away from all small business owners who have no clue what the first steps of trying to set up a website even are! I can work with your current branding (or help you create a new brand, let's talk more!) and design you a responsive website that can be up and running in 4-8 weeks.

Websites don't have to be complicated.

All businesses these days need an online presence because if your prospective clients "google" you and can't find anything in the first few results, or can't find the information they need on your site within a matter of seconds -- your business will be no longer of interest to them. It's sad, but true.

Working with an established brand.

Pfitz's Fence and Deck already had an established logo, so I was able to take the elements of their brand identity and created a responsive, mobile-friendly website that features:



  • Large photos of their recent projects
  • Detailed information on the services they offer
  • Testimonials from satisfied customers
  • An easy way for clients to request an estimate.

Ready to have a website you love?

My web design package includes:

  • A design customized to your new or existing brand
  • Total control of content post-launch
  • Style guide
  • 2-hour training plus training guide

The entire website process is completed in 5 simple steps:

  • step 1. Discovery
  • step 2. Design
  • step 3. Reveal
  • step 4. Deliver
  • step 5. Launch

If you don't have a website that makes you proud, or even a website at all, contact me today and we can discuss how I can design affordable, responsive websites for your business.